Τhe Athenian Mandolinata “Nikolaos Lavdas” is pleased to announce the release of a double cd entitled “Greek Rhapsody” (Rapsodia Ellenica) in collaboration with the Orchestra di mandolini e chitarre Citta di Brescia, under the baton of Italian composer and conductor Claudio Mandonico.

It is a tribute to the historical “Athenian Mandolinata” and its conductor Nikolaos Lavdas, and presents an overview of original writing for plucked strings through diverse ensembles of chamber music and plucked string orchestra, thus showing the great vitality of this artistic expression.

It includes works by Greek and foreign composers inspired by Greek themes, as well as rare recordings, a photo gallery and useful information on the history of mandolin in Greece, through a booklet of 36 pages written in three languages (Greek, Italian, English).


“Greek Rhapsody” (Rapsodia Ellenica)

Athenian Mandolinata “Nikolaos Lavdas” & Orchestra di mandolini e chitarre “Citta di Brescia”

Conductor: Claudio Mandonico

Ioanna Forti, voice | Stavros Kollias, piano | Marinos Tranoudakis, percussion

Works by: N. Lavdas, C. Mandonico, D. Nikolau, A. Amadei, S. Samaras, M. Hadjidakis, D. Lagios, L. Spinelli, D. Lavragkas, V. Kioulaphides, D. Dounis, E. Alessios, L. Irinopoulos, C. Economides, S. Drongitis

Aristic Direction: Ugo Orlandi, Giorgos Goumenakis