Athenian Quintet “Dimitris Dounis”

Giorgos Goumenakis, mandolin

Michalis Sidiropoulos, mandolin

Giannis Goumenakis, mandola

Giorgos Theodoropoulos, mandoloncello

Vassiliki Leondari, guitar

Τhe Athenian Quintet “Dimitris Dounis” was founded as a tribute to one of the greatest mandolin virtuosos.

Dounis was a member of the famous “Athenian Mandolinata” of Nikolaos Lavdas in the early 20th century, and became world famous as one of the greatest violin teachers thanks to his pioneering methods.

An unknown aspect of his work was that of a mandolin soloist. As a soloist, he made great concert tours in Europe and America, always using a pseudonym, so that he would not be recognized as the – already famous – violin teacher.

75811_135972976455877_7364932_nStarting from 2010, the Quintet appeared in Bergamo (Sala Locatelli) and Cremona (Τeatro Filodramatici), honouring the “Athenian Mandolinata” and its director, for the centenary of of the Cremona Mandolin Competition, while it has also given concerts in the F. Nakas Conservatory, the Athenaeum , the Philharmonic Company of the Patras Conservatory and the K. Palamas hall of the University of Athens.

In 2013 it took part in the recording of a CD entitled “Hellenic Rhapsody” in collaboration with Ugo Orlandi, the Orchestra di Mandolini e Chitarre “Citta di Brescia” under Claudio Mandonico, and the “Athenian Mandolinata Nikolaos Lavdas”. The CD, to be released soon, will be a tribute to the “Athenian Mandolinata” and N. Lavdas and will be including selected pieces with a Greek theme by various composers.

Ιn addition to the standard classical repertory, the Quintet aims to contribute to the promotion of the study of history of plucked instruments, while at the same time encouraging and promoting contemporary artistic production.



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